Oilfield Management Solution

Provide critical data to the field, supervisors, & managementment.

What is your pain?
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Streamline Operations with Oilfield Management Software

Big Picture SoftwareTM provides businesses with a true “cloud-based” ERP software solution that will automate and streamline your organization. Manage equipment, inventory, certifications, sales contacts, employee HR forms, payroll, inspections, investigations, complaint tracking, and online payment processing.

We have been providing software solutions for over the past twenty years serving all types of businesses, including from Fortune 500 petroleum to local Basin oil field service companies. If your organization is looking to replace your existing system and would like to see some of the many features of our software please feel free to contact us. We're based in North Dakota, so you'll receive hands-on support local to the Basin.

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Oilfield Management Cloud Features


Manage employee data on the web.

  • Track Safety Training, Certifications, DOT
  • Time Tracking & Scheduling
  • Employee Dashboard Mobile Web Apps
  • Workflow Management
  • Weekly Reports
  • Business & Safety Alerts
  • HR, Discipline, Applications, Payroll & Benefits

Inventory Control

Manage Oilfield data in a real-time, secure online database environment

  • Keep Records for each Pipeline or Asset
  • Track Historical Changes to each Asset
  • Default & Custom Reporting
  • Export to Office products (Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Barcode Tracking
  • Equipment Maintenance Requests
  • Asset Re-Certification Management

Spills Reporting & Analysis

Create and store data-driven spill reports for future analysis to help prevent spills before they happen.

  • Store Spill Reports with Asset Inventory
  • Submit Directly to NDIC
  • Standard Forms
  • Customize Your Own Forms

CRM & Knowledge Management

Customer Relation Management helps your business to track and manage customer and critical business knowlege.

  • Track Employee, Prospects, & Customer Interactions
  • Support Sales & Customer Service
  • Contact History
  • Email Integration
  • Reports & Analysis


Software to manage your shop and the maintenance of your assets.

  • Workorder Creation & Management
  • Equipment Maintenance Requests
  • Parts & Time Tracking/Invoicing
  • Push to Accounting
  • Reporting & Analysis

Pipeline Risk Analysis

Analyze inventory assets on associated risk factors.

  • Risk-based Ranking on Limitless Factors
  • Store Risk Factors for each Asset
  • Manage Risk Factors’ Values
  • Mine Data on Risk Factors Data

Centralize Data

Energize & consolidate spreadsheets into usable database models.

  • Import Spreadsheets
  • Reminders & Task Workflows
  • Dashboards & Widgets


Streamline operations.

  • Truck Dispatching
  • Third Party Software Integrations
  • Vehicle Location Tracking/Mapping
  • DOT Service Records


Business services to enhance your operations at every step of your project.

  • Implementation Consulting
  • Custom Development
  • Project Management & Business Analysis
  • Support & Training