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Let's compare apples to apples not apples to oranges...

When it comes to configurability, we are the champions. Other software vendors may claim that they have the ability to easily configure, add or modify record types or record fields. With other vendors, any of these modification requests will, in most cases, require that you call their support line and incur some support costs. With Big Picture™ Software, we enable the customer to easily add record types, modify fields and create custom templates and forms. Our intuitive user interface gives complete control to our customers which not only provides cost savings and reduces support calls, but also saves time by allowing the customer to make modifications at any time.

Not only is deploying and supporting the software easier when you host your site with us; there is also a substantial cost savings for your agency. No additional equipment or technical resources are necessary. When Big Picture™ Software hosts your application, we provide easy access for your staff and board members. Our web-based application is always accessible via the Internet. Over 95% of our customers host their sites with us, and we provide the experience, knowledge, security and added peace-of-mind that comes with a professional hosting service like ours.

Don't be misled by vendors offering "free" installations, or low monthly hosting/support costs causing budget overruns and project delays due to funding because of initial budget allocation changes. We have seen this scenario time and time again, vendors offering "free" implementation in their RFQ responses only to surprise the board with inflated support costs on the back-end after the implementation has started or charging additional cost for data migration. We all know that if someone says "free" it usually means it's too good to be true. We offer upfront pricing, no hidden fees, no inflated back-end support costs, we believe this approach has continually won us bids over other vendors.

What makes our software different from other e-Licensing software vendors?

  • Big Picture provides proven expertise in licensing software and database solutions
  • Proven methodology of deployment with other boards
  • Innovative team of developers along with a quality management team that continues to exceed client expectations

Commercial Off-the-Shelf Solution

Big Picture™ Software is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution. The (COTS) solution allows agencies to have more control over the configuration of the software which bests fits their agencies overall requirements. Depending on the Support Plan you choose, your agency can decide how much support will be required for you internal or IT Staff. You can always upgrade your annual support plan at any time.

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Comparison Overview

Big Picture for Licensing Boards The Competition
Full Configurability Locked-in canned Product
A deployment team that understands and possesses extensive experience in similar implementations Local companies with less depth of enterprise database needs
Track record of on-time within budget deployments Questionable ability to deliver
Outstanding customer care team Lack of support
One software size does not fit all Forces organization to fit their software
True 100% web-based licensure database management software solution that from inception was designed with the cloud in mind Software that requires desktop components
Working knowledge of many payment interfaces Locked-in payment gateway
Experience with National/Federation web-based interfaces Lack experience with external interfaces