North Dakota Board of Medical Examiners


Big Picture SoftwareTM successfully implemented for the North Dakota Board of Medical Examiners (NDBOMEX) its custom off-the-shelf (COTS) e-licensing software and database solution.

Duane Houdek, Executive Secretary of NDBOMEX, talks about the project. "At the North Dakota Board of Medical Examiners, Big Picture converted our 20 year old on-off program to a system that now provides a seamless online licensing and renewal process, as well as an easily usable database for licensing and discipline. Our project manager continues to impress with her ability to understand our requests and translate them into solutions that meet our needs.

In addition to excellent staff who are easy to work with, I think the flexibility of the Big Picture programs sets them apart from the field. Their programs do not require you to fit square pegs into round holes, as some modular programs do. We’ve had the program for two years and are very pleased with its operation."

"Big Picture Software has been providing agency licensing solutions since the late 90’s and continues to grow the customer base one board at a time. Having the ND Board of Medical Examiners join our ever-growing list of regulatory boards using our software is very exciting and we looked forward to the implementation," says Dan Albertson, CEO of Big Picture Software.

About The North Dakota Board of Medical Examiners

The mission of the North Dakota State Board of Medical Examiners is to help protect the public’s health and to help ensure quality health care for North Dakotans through the careful regulation of the practice of medicine.

  • The Board works to fulfil its mission in three broad ways, each of which serves to help ensure the public’s safety as they receive medical care in the state.
  • First, the Board is authorized to prohibit the unauthorized practice of medicine by those not properly trained or licensed to provide medical care.
  • Second, the Board licenses physicians, physician assistants, genetic counselors and fluoroscopy technicians to practice in North Dakota and in the process of licensing them, carefully verifies their professional credentials and fitness to practice.
  • Finally, the Board disciplines those physicians, physician assistants, genetic counselors and fluoroscopy technicians licensed to practice in North Dakota who violate the state’s Medical Practice Act.

    About Big Picture Software

    Big PictureTM Software offers government regulatory boards and agencies an e-Licensing solution that not only meets their current needs but is also robust enough to handle future enhancement requests as well as mandatory regulatory changes. The Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software will continually improve the licensing process while eliminating repetitive, tedious and convoluted process to better serve staff and constituents over time.

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