South Dakota State Board of Nursing Announcement


Big PictureTM Software is proud to announce the signing of a new contract with the South Dakota Board of Nursing (SDBON). Big PictureTM Software will provide SDBON with a hosted cloud based e-Licensing software solution which will assist with licensee tracking, online applications and renewals, discipline/enforcement, and other regulatory licensing code. Big PictureTM Software’s e-Licensing software will provide SDBON with secure hosting and dedicated customer and technical support. SBDON will also receive software updates and enhancements as part of their service agreement.

SDBON is responsible for all aspects of a regulatory board including licensing and discipline/enforcement for all nurse classes. Big PictureTM Software’s proven licensing and regulatory software solution has been the selected software vendor for major regulatory state licensing boards and government agencies. Big PictureTM Software provides a secure cloud-based e-Licensing solution which will assist SDBON with enhancing and expanding the licensing cycle while storing all of the data in a secure central repository. This will help organize and maintain records which will be easily accessible for staff, board members and the public.

Big PictureTM Software is a step above traditional licensing software solutions allowing regulatory boards and agencies the ability to implement a software solution quickly to meet the ever-changing needs of the staff, board members and public. With Big PictureTM Software, state regulatory boards actively work with a dedicated Implementation Specialist during each phase of the deployment, thus avoiding unforeseen delays and pitfalls. Unlike traditional software vendors, the Big PictureTM e-Licensing Software allows regulatory boards to implement as many or as few business processes that they want at the time of deployment. Because of the software’s flexibility, configurability, and ability to meet the board’s requirements, additional licensure functionality can be added at any time during or after the initial deployment of the software. This not only allows the board to choose which components and processes are critical at the onset of the implementation but also allows them to implement a licensing software solution within their current budget and needs.

About South Dakota Board of Nursing

The South Dakota Board of Nursing is the state government agency established by law to protect the public by regulating the practice of nurses in the state of South Dakota. SDBON is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of any state laws related to nursing licensure, nursing practices, nursing education, and South Dakota nursing schools.

About Big Picture Software

Big PictureTM Software offers government regulatory boards and agencies an e-Licensing solution that not only meets their current needs but is also robust enough to handle future enhancement requests as well as mandatory regulatory changes. The Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software will continually improve the licensing process while eliminating repetitive, tedious and convoluted process to better serve staff and constituents over time.

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